You're Not Here

Lament for the Murdered Child

When we need them, will they be here, or will they be silent?

No love to give you,
I needed it all;
Through my own wanting
I couldn't hear you call;
Too empty to bear you,
by trouble too torn;
I gave you to death
before you were born.

A council of killers
Told me the way;
"Just remember your rights;
forget what they say!
Trust us to lead you
to a happier life."
To a "kindly" doctor
with a murderous knife.

O how I long now
to look on your face.
But you are with Jesus
in a happier place,
While I sit in darkness
with only a tear,
Now that I need you,
you're not here.

Text, music and MIDI sequence copyright © 1998 Brian M. Ames.

In a speech in Akron, Ohio, Ohio Representative Tom Sawyer made a statement to the effect that when the baby-boomers retire there will be few people working to provide the wealth needed to support them in retirement. I immediately thought that, but for abortion, there would be many more, about 38 million. Will we then want the children that were unwanted?

Without children to produce the wealth we will need, our money will be useless. Only our children, loved, raised in Christ's church, can be the pillars on which our future rests. Has abortion already bankrupted us? Can we afford any more?

What of the devastation abortion has caused to women? It was in consideration of this that by the Holy Spirit I was moved to write this song. I wrote it in less than an hour but was depressed by it for three days. How much more do the women who have had abortions suffer? How can they bear it? When can the healing begin? If not soon, then, how can this country survive?

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