Now from the Altar of My Heart

Text:  John Mason  1683
Music:  William H. Havergal  1846
Tune:  Evan
OHT Incipit:  55132 16555 13124

Now from the altar of my heart
Let incense flames arise;
Assist me, Lord, to offer up
Mine evening sacrifice.

Awake, my love! Awake, my joy!
Awake, my heart and tongue!
Sleep not: when mercies loudly call,
Break forth into a song.

This day God was my Sun and Shield,
My Keeper and my Guide;
His care was on my frailty shown,
His mercies multiplied.

Minutes and mercies multiplied
Have made up all this day;
Minutes came quick but mercies were
More fleet and free than they.

New time, new favor, and new joys
Do a new song require;
Till I shall praise Thee as I would,
Accept my heart's desire.

Lord of my time, Whose hand hath set
New time upon my score,
Then I shall praise for all my time,
When time shall be no more.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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