Breast the Wave

Text:  Joseph Stammers  1830
Music:  George F. Root  1884
OHT Incipit:  11111 23215 33333

Breast the wave, Christian, when it is strongest,
Watch where the nightshade lingers the longest;
Onward and onward still be thy endeavor;
There is a rest for thee. peaceful. forever.

Stand the storm. Christian, Jesus is o'er thee;
Fear not the tempest, heav'n is before thee;
Go where thy duty calls, fear may assail thee;
God is thy strength and shield. he will not fail thee.

Seek the light, Christian, heav'nward t'will take thee.
Tho' clouds may gather, 'twill not forsake thee;
Walk where its shining leads, with courage steady,
For to supply thy needs his strength is ready.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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