Loud Let the Trumpet Sound

Text:  arranged 
Music:  George F. Root  1884
OHT Incipit:  11115 15156 71231

Loud let the Gospel trumpet sound,
And spread the joyful tidings round:
Let every soul with transport hear,
And hail the Lord's accepted year.

Loud let the trumpet sound
Loud let the trumpet sound
And spread, and spread the joyful tidings round.

Ye who are sunk in shame and woe
Tho' ye ten thousand talents owe,
When humbled at his feet ye fall,
Your gracious Lord forgives you all.

Slaves that have borne the heavy chain
Of sin and hell's tyranic reign,
Now to be free assert your claim.
And bless your great Redeemer's name

Oh, happy they who know the sound,
The light of heaven their steps surround,
Showing that blessed life begun.
Which thro' eternal years shall run.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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