No Other Name But Jesus

Text:  Henry V. Neal 
Music:  George F. Root  1884
OHT Incipit:  13451 32123 51655

No other name but Jesus,
No other name can save,
With Him His peace possessing,
No other good I crave,
'Tis he who heals my sorrow,
And bids my soul rejoice;
And, oh, the sweetest music
Is my Redeemer's voice.

No other name but Jesus.
No other friend so dear,
No hour so dark and reary,
But he is ever near;
And trusting in his promise
Who ever is the same,
Salvation, full salvation,
I find in Jesus' name.

No other name but Jesus,
No other hope have I.
When dangers gather round me,
To his dear side I fly.
No other name but Jesus,
I'll sing while I have breath.
No other name but Jesus,
Shall be my hope in death.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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