As the Dewy Shades of Even

Text:  from Sisters of Notre Dame 
Music:  from Sunday School Hymn Book, S.N.D.  1907
OHT Incipit:  56531 76654 54333

As the dewy shades of even
Gather o'er the balmy air;
Listen, gentle Queen of Heaven,
Listen to our vesper pray'r.

Holy Mother! near me hover
Free my tho'ts from aught defiled;
With thy wings of mercy cover,
Keep from sin thy helpless child.

Thine own sinless heart was broken,
Sorrow's sword had pierced its core;
Holy Mother! by that token,
Now thy pity I implore.

Queen of heaven guard and guide me,
Save my soul from dark despair;
In thy tender bosom hide me,
Take me, Mother, to thy care.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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