The Holy Spirit

Text:  Philip P. Bliss  1875
Music:  Philip P. Bliss  1875
OHT Incipit:  55545 65354 32355

The Spirit, oh, sinner,
In mercy doth move,
Thy heart, so long hardened,
Of sin to reprove;
Resist not the Spirit,
Nor longer delay;
God's gracious entreaties,
May end with today.

Oh, child of the kingdom,
From sin service cease:
Be filled with the Spirit,
With comfort and peace.
Oh, grieve not the Spirit,
Thy Teacher is He,
That Jesus, thy Saviour,
May glorified be.

Defiled is the temple.
Its beauty laid low,
On God's holy alter
The embers faint glow.
By love yet rekindled,
A flame may be fanned;
Oh, quench not the Spirrit,
The Lord is at hand.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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