O What Could My Jesus Do More

Text:  from Sisters of Notre Dame 
Music:  from Sunday School Hymn Book, S.N.D.  1907
OHT Incipit:  12333 33216 52342

Oh! what could my Jesus do more,
Or what greater blessings impart,
Oh! silence my soul, and adore,
And press Him, still nearer thy heart,
And press Him, still nearer thy heart.

'Tis her from my labors I'll rest,
Since He makes my_poor heart his abode;
To Him all my cares I'll address,
And speak to the Heart of my God,
And speak to the Heart of my God.

For life and for death Thou art mine,
My Saviour, I'm sealed with Thy blood;
Till eterni ty on me doth shine,
I'll feed on the fleash of my God.
I'll feed on the flesh of my God.

In Jesus, triumphant, I live
In Jesus exultingly die
The terrors of death calmly brave
In_his bossom breathe out my last sigh,
In_His bosom breathe out my last sigh.

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