Star of Ocean, Lead Us

Text:  from Latin 
Music:  ? Ett,
Harmony: Brian M. Ames 2002
Tune:  Ave Maris Stella
OHT Incipit:  

Star of ocean, lead us;
God for mother claims thee,
Ever Virgin names thee;
Gate of heaven speed us.

Ave thee saluting,
Gabriel went before us;
Peace do thou restore us,
Eva's name refuting.

Loose the bonds that chain us,
Darkened eyes enlighten,
Clouded prospects brighten,
Heav'nly mercies gain us.

For thy sons thou carest;
Offer Christ our praying
Still thy word obeying
Whom on earth thou barest.

Purer, kinder maiden
God did never fashion;
Pureness and compassion
Grant to hearts sinladen.

From that sin release us,
Shield us, heav'nward faring;
Heav'n that is but sharing
In thy joy with Jesus.

Honor, praise and merit
To our God address we;
Three in One confess we,
Father, Son and Spirit.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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