The Lord Shall Come and Not Be Slow

Text:  John Milton 
Music:  Day's Psalter  1562
Tune:  St. Flavian  8 6 8 6
OHT Incipit:  

The Lord shall come and not be slow,
His footsteps cannot err;
Before Him righteousness shall go,
His royal harbinger

Truth from the earth, like to a flower
Shall bud and blossom then;
And justice, from her heavenly bower,
Look down on mortal men.

Rise, God, judge Thou the earth in might,
This wicked earth redress;
For Thou art He Who shall by right
The nations all possess.

The nations all whom Thou hast made
Shall come, and all shall frame
To bow them low before Thee, Lord,
And glorify Thy Name.

For great Thou art, and wonders great
By Thy strong hand are done:
Thou in Thy everlasting seat
Remainest God alone.

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