O Jesus, We Only Look to Thee

Text:  Charlotte Elliott 
Music:  Welsh Melody, arr. William James 
Tune:  Pen-Yr-Yrfa  76.76D
OHT Incipit:  

O Jesus Christ, the Saviour,
We only look to Thee;
'Tis in Thy love and favour
Our souls find liberty.
While Satan fiercely rages
And shipwreck oft we fear,
'Tis this our grief assuages,
That Thou art always near.

Yes, though the tempest round us
Seems safety to defy.
Though rocks and shoals surround us
And swell the billows high;
Thou dost from death protect us
And cheer us by Thy love;
Thy counsels, too, direct us
Safe to the rest above.

There with what joy reviewing
Past conflicts, dangers, fears,
Thy hand our foes subduing
And drying all our tears;
Our hearts with rapture burning,
The path we shall retrace,
Where now our souls are learning
The riches of Thy grace.

O then how loud the chorus
Shall to Thy name resound,
From all at rest before us,
From all Thy grace hath found!
One joyful song for ever,
Each heart, each lip shall raise,
The praise of our Redeemer,
Our God and Saviour's praise.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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