The Dawn Was Purpling O'er the Sky

Text:  Edward Caswall, from Aurora Lucis Rutilat, 6th c.  1849
Music:  from Lyra Catholica  1849
OHT Incipit:  

The dawn was purpling o'er the sky,
With alleluias rang the air;
Earth held a glorious jubilee;
Hell gnashed its teeth in fierce despair.
When our most valiant mighty King,
From death's abyss in dread array,
Lead the long imprisoned Fathers forth,
Into the beam of life and day.

When He whom stone and seal and guard,
Had safely to the tomb consigned,
Triumphant rose and buried death
Deep in the grave he left be hind.
Calm all your grief and still your tears,
Hark the descending angel cries,
For Christ is risen from the dead,
And death is slain no more to rise.

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