The Children's Prayer

Text:  Brian M. Ames  1999
Music:  Brian Ames  1999
OHT Incipit:  

Another day has ended;
I see its fading light;
My soul you have defended
Against the gathering night.
I call to you, my savior,
Protect me by your might;
Direct my heart to you, Lord,
And teach me to do right.

Each day we see the evil
That men do unto men;
Our hearts they fill with hatred;
To kill they teach us when.
But you are not a killer,
Instead you chose to die;
That all may live forever
Where children need not cry.

The bombs are not for peace, Lord,
But for a wretched war;
They cause the dreadful suff'ring
That children must endure.
Your law of peace and kindness,
Lord, on our hearts now write;
Our false law leads to blindness;
Lord, lead us to your light.

The Ames Hymn Collection

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